About Us

This  company  has  been  operating  in  Tanzania  since  1965  and  is  one  of  the  most recognized  company  in  the  Country  as  manufacturer  of  BANCO  brand  of  Mattresses.  It  has got  manufacturing  plants  in  Dar  es  Salaam  and  Mwanza.  The company manufactures high-quality  Plastic Packaging for Lube and Food  industries  at  Dar  es  Salaam  factory  apart  from  mattresses. At Mwanza, the  company’s  factory  makes  mattresses.

The company also runs number off sales depots for P.U. Foam Mattresses, Cushions & plastic products.

Unoplast has emerged over last 50 years of its operations in Tanzania as a very responsible and consistent corporate citizen thru all the transitions and growing pains of the emerging nation.  It has been a responsible employer with unblemished record of Industrial Relations.

Our Motto is to give you the best mattress which allows you to get up in the morning feeling rejuvenated to take up the challenges of the day.

Our Various Product Range: –

1. Foam Mattresses and Cushions: – We are producing Four different grade of P.U.Foam namely  Malaika , Super Banco, Victoria & Arusha Deluxe  to cover all class of people in Tanzania.

  •  ARUSHA DELUXE: – Our Premium Brand with 28 Density which is available in Quilted and Tapedge.
  • SUPER BANCO: – Our Other Top Quality Mattress with a 23 Density for all.

2. Plastic Product: – We are manufacturing Blow Molding items which can be used in lube Industries, Oil Industries & House Hold items. We also produce various LDPE Film products for packaging industries, mainly Bakery Products, Airline bags, Supermarket Bags, Construction Industries, Liners for Sugar and various Industries.